Javier León Pérez was born in Seville in 1977, currently residing between Madrid and Seville.

His Education begins in the School of Arts and Artistic Jobs in Sevilla, obtaining the graduate degree in 2001 and specializing in ceramics and sculpture. In 2007 he gets the Bachelors Degree at the University of  Arts in Seville especializing in painting and in 2011 he completed his MFA in Creation and Investigation MAC+1 at the University Complutense de Madrid, obtaining the highest rating with the research “Return to the Silence”, focused on the pictorial processes where the repetition of elements are analogous to meditative rituals.

In parallel, participates in numerous workshops and seminars by renowned artists nationally and internationally like Juan Fernandez and Antonio López Lacomba,  Rafael Doctor (Former Director of MUSAC) and John Bosco Urmeneta (Former Director of CAAC) .

He has been recognized with awards, such as Painting Award BANCAJA (Valencia); Acquisition Award (UNIA, Huelva); Selection, Painting Award 2011 (Parlamento de la Rioja, Logroño); Selection, Young Award 10 Artes Plástica (Fundación General UCM, Madrid); Selection, Young Award MÁLAGA CREA 2010 (City Council Málaga); Selection DESENCAJA 09  (Instituto de la Juventud Junta de Andalucía, Málaga.); Acquisition Award in Bienal del Pintor Laxeiro (Caixa Galicia. Lalín, Pontevedra.); 2nd Painting Award Certamen de Pintura Gustavo Bacarisas. (Sevilla). And scholarships such as  “SEVILLA ES TALENTO”, (Ayuntamiento de Sevilla y Fundación Madariaga) or Schoolarship Fundación Caja Madrid to assist to the Seminar:

His work has been exhibited in multiple contemporary art galleries of national and international, such as  the spanish AJG Gallery (Sevilla), the deuch Judy Straten Gallerie (Hors), Victor Lope (Barcelona), the Chinese Puerta Roja Gallery (Hong Kong) and the portuguese Trema Contemporânea Art (Lisbon).

And he has participated in various Art Fairs, such as Art Central (Hong Kong), Art Taipei (Taiwan),  JustMad (Madrid). Art Lisbon Art Fair (Lisbon), Bazaar Jakarta (Indonesia), Kiaf  (Korea), Swab Contemporary Art (Barcelona), CASA / / ART (Madrid), Liste Coln (Cologne), PAM (Amsterdam), Kinitting And Stitching Show Art Fair (London) .

Javier´s work on Japanese paper, has been exhibited and recognized in the Paper Biennial of Contemporary Art held at the Museum Rijswijk (Netherlands), and premiered at the Biennale of Contemporary Art Lalin (Pontevedra, Spain).

Some of his works have come to swell the catalog of artistic creations of different collections: Valentín de Madariaga (Sevilla), International University of Andalusia, DEARTE Collection (Soria, Spain), Fundación La Caixa Foundation Collection and collections of various public institutions in Spain .